#saskedchat Blogging Challenge

This is only my second entry on this blog.  I have a history of starting a blog on a certain platform, writing one entry, and then abandoning it. I’m not even sure how many blogs I have out there. Three? I decided to focus my blog on Medium on my scrapbooking. I actually have half a dozen entries on it now. I’m focusing this blog on my professional reflection as a teacher of adult education.

This summer, I am committing to the #saskedchat Blogging Challenge. I know I tweeted last summer this exact same thing, but I mean it this year. Kelly described the challenge here. Our first challenge is to write about why we are joining this challenge. I originally thought that I wanted to blog as a way to reflect on my practice. The problem with this is that I tend to be very critical of myself in my reflections and I don’t really want that negativity to be discoverable by present and future employers. I think that reflection is going to take place in a private journal instead.

So that was one WHY that was off the table.  Why am I going to blog this summer? First of all, I think I am going to blog to crystalize my thoughts on my professional reading. My blog will be a record of my professional development. I have started reading the #2k16reads book In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth & Reconciliation. I also plan to read The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam.

Another reason I am going to blog is that I want to blog with my students. My students are adults that are working toward their high school diplomas. This year I’ve started having 15 minutes of DEAR (drop everything and read) because I believe that any reading helps build reading fluency and vocabulary. I believe more writing with an authentic audience would be a benefit as well. I also believe that I need to have some practice with blogging before I launch into it with my students.

Really, I’m going to blog because any time I spend thinking about teaching; whether it’s blogging, taking part in #saskedchat, or reading; benefits my practice and my students. I spend a lot of time during the school year focusing on my marking, my courses, grades, deadlines. I think blogging will help me remember the big picture instead of being consumed by the minutiae.


3 thoughts on “#saskedchat Blogging Challenge

  1. Great blog post! Many of us are trying to figure out where blogging “fits” with our practice. The one thing I know is that it is as much a habit – writing and reflecting – as it anything else. Welcome to the Summer Blogging Challenge.


  2. JBruce,
    I too think about the digital footprint that I leave for current or future employers to see. I value being vulnerable, but don’t want to dig my own grave. I like how you decided to be conscientious of where you decide to be critical and where you share your insights.


  3. Welcome to the joy of having a blog and leaving it behind for another one. A blog is a challenge to maintain. If you look at some of the “experts” in technology and their blogs, you’ll see that even they struggle to blog more than once a month. Those that blog every three days tend to resort to list posts (i.e. Here’s 15 things you can use twitter for), not that there is anything wrong with these posts. Remember that blogging is a tool, educators have many tools to choose one. Hopefully after this summer you will know if blogging is a tool for you!


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